For emergency law situation, call us at +6221 831 5005 or click here to send message → Launched the First Locally Initiated Law Firms Surveys Launched the First Locally Initiated Law Firms Surveys, Indonesia’s most prominent website for legal news, analysis, and regulatory database, released its survey results for 30 largest law firms and 46 recognized mid-sized law firms in Indonesia.

LGS praises this survey, as this is the first survey and publication which was initiated by a prominent local organization. For decades, this kind of survey has been conducted by international and regional organizations. The local perspective of this survey will enrich the existing and future users of Indonesian legal services in making decision when the need arises.

LGS expects in the future, that will not only analyze the law firms based on the number of their lawyers, but also the contribution of each firms in the law reform initiatives, pro bono works, legal education, quality of their clients and their services, and their governance level and ethical standards on providing legal services in this challenging jurisdiction.

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