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Criticisms and Recommendations from Law Reform Experts


The first red flag that has alarmed the Indonesian law reform community is the apparent secrecy and speed with which legislators have moved with regar...

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Omnibus Laws in Indonesia: Problematic?


The first main challenge to implementing omnibus laws in Indonesia is that our legal system doesn’t recognize such a concept; that is, it is an ...

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Understanding ‘Omnibus Law’


The Indonesian Government appears to have doubled down on implementing the concept of ‘omnibus law’ as a powerful instrument to cut throug...

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Laws & Proposals That May Affect Business and Economic Activities


For the new following laws and proposals, it is noteworthy to see how the development may affect business and economic activities: The Institute of I...

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Test for DPR: Selection of New Commissioners of KPK


While the discussion on whether or not GBHN shall be reintroduced is ongoing, another very important development, which is more negative than promisin...

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Early Challenges Faced by Joko Widodo in His Second Term

(Photo: Kementerian Sekretariat Negara RI)

Summer in Indonesia has never been catastrophic. In fact, we do not even call it summer, just the dry season as opposed to the wet. This apparent natu...

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Cautious Optimism on Indonesia Political and Economic Landscape

(Photo: Kementerian Sekretariat Negara RI)

The Eid al Fitri break, scheduled as a national holiday lasting at least until the 10th of June; after worries that the 21 and 22 May riot would proli...

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Problems Faced to Restore Faith in Indonesian Market


President Jokowi’s win may be buoyed somewhat by the fact that it occurs so immediately before Indonesia shuts down for a week or so during Eid ...

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Indonesian Politics After Pemilu 2019


The end of May saw the Indonesian General Elections Commission (Komite Pemilihan Umum,’KPU’) declares the results of April’selection...

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