General Corporate, Governance, & Compliance Audit

General corporate practices used to be the focus of almost all corporate law firms. It was and is claimed to be the most important expertise of virtually all firms, in Indonesia and within the Asian region.

LGS takes a more comprehensive approach. At LGS, we adopt the policy that general corporate practices mean that lawyers are responsible to working together with the board members of LGS’ clients to set up strategy, determine goals and effective actions in negotiations and the drafting of legal documents for business transactions or settling disputes in or outside the courts of law. LGS lawyers will identify risk factors, discuss and propose mitigation and management strategies for such risks. As the business environment in this region is different from other parts of the world, the risk identification, mitigation and management processes must include specifics risks unique to this region, including legal or legally-related risks that may obstruct businesses.

One of the main focuses in this area is to assist clients in the prevention of bribery, corrupt acts, illegal facilitation and gifts, and breach of business ethics and good corporate conduct. This includes conducting compliance and other governance audit processes, providing clients a better path to doing business in the country legally and ethically. Commencing in 2018, the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has applied new rules on the prosecution of corruption acts by corporations before the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Courts.