Corporate, Project, & Structured Finance

The Indonesian legal system is marked by massive developments in the law that follow economic and business activities with reasonably high GDP growth ranging from 4.7% to 7.4% for the last 10 years. Indonesia boasts freer economic development supported by modern company law, capital market law, bank and banking systems, financial services, fair competition law, tax law, and laws on certain industries that include oil and gas, mining, electricity, infrastructure development, shipping, civil aviation, clean water, etc. The aforesaid laws, to the extent of not breaching the provisions and spirit of the Indonesian Constitution and national interests, were drafted to be compatible with the laws recognized in developed countries. In the absence of prevailing legislation, the concept of freedom of contract is adopted and widely accepted to serve the business interests of business players.

International corporate, project and structured financing activities are pretty much supported by prevailing regulations. However, increasingly more complex transactions are to be expected when the State, State-owned or local government-owned companies are involved as parties or as direct stakeholders in the transaction. In provincial Indonesia, local regulations, social conditions, religious, cultural and customary issues all have to be equally considered. LGS partners and lawyers have vast experience and are well-equipped to assist the Government, investors, lenders, business leaders and supporting professionals in detecting legal issues, facts finding and recommending practical and acceptable solutions for all parties in highly complex corporate, project and structured finance through many available structures including corporate financing, equity and debt financing, project-related financing, debt restructuring and refinancing and their hybrid products.