Capital Market

Capital market activities in Indonesia started since the colonial era, with the Stock Exxchange officially reopened by the newly formed Indonesian Government in 1952, but then collapsed under the pressures of the era. The exchange was then reactivated in the 1980’s due to new mandatory policy of the Government for wholly-owned foreign investment companies to divest a certain percentage of its shares by way of listing their shares on the stock exchange. Although this policy did not last long, real reactivation of the markets occurred in late 1980s as commercial actors started to believe in the capital market system once again.

The capital market then experienced a boom in early 1990’s, and LGS promptly started to take an important role in developing its capital market effective, among others, introducing a comprehensive legal due diligence process, including the format and substance of legal audits, and opinions to be readily used by international markets.

LGS capital market practices have been led Arief Surowidjojo. Since then, hundreds of IPOs, rights issues, bond issues, material transactions, conflict of interest transactions, and other capital market transactions of blue chip companies have been handled by LGS.

We take a different approach in creating value to transactions by offering our deep knowledge of clients’ industries, therefore providing the public, the regulators, and stakeholders the real value of the clients, the transactions, the fundamental but calculated risks, and the full transparent facts and processes.