LGS Online was developed to modernize the practice of law by providing electronic access to the firm’s comprehensive legal database and by making available the wisdom and experience of LGS’s international corporate practice of more than 3 decades.

LGS database on massive laws and regulations are updated regularly. This legal database becomes LGS’ basis to serve varied needs of its clients.

This practice of knowledge and technological resources sharing with clients leads to improve measured partnership with the clients pursuant to their interests in order to reach strategic and implementative solutions.

Aside from laws and regulations, LGS database also provides legal memoranda, forms and agreements, boilerplate provisions and litigation reports, all accessible online to ease the business and professionals community to access comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable legal services and information.

With a simple click, the members of LGS Online will be able to access the information they need to protect their business interests in Indonesia. In addition to a database of laws and regulations, LGS Online offers document templates and template language, interpretive memos, and litigation analyses addressing all of the fields most commonly confronted in corporate practice. All are downloadable round the clock and from any corner of the globe with very reasonable pricing and high degree of professionalism.

Message from LGS Online CEO

Arief T. Surowidjojo

The lightning speed revolution of the IT industry including Artificial Intelligence roaming the world now is instigating traditional industries to accelerate adjustments to what they have been doing for the last few decades. Innovations from just 5 years ago now run the risk of becoming obsolete. The legal industry is also facing disruptions in ways we could never have imagined before. Of course, no service industry sector could escape this new status quo. The use of IT processes, tools, and systems were introduced back in the eighties, but the innovations of the last 5 years have been the most dramatic.

Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo, through LGSOnline (LGSOL), is one of the law firms, if not the first law firm, in Indonesia to use this technology-aided approach in the early 2000’s, at the same time when LGS Law Firm introduced the application of several ISO Certifications in their practices. Also, LGS was the first law firm in Indonesia to apply these certifications. We understand that what LGSOL did in early 2000’s, in terms of the choice of application and technology, cannot be compared with what the legal industry in developed countries has been developing in the last decade, however it has painted a bold and very important footprint for a start of modernized technology-aided legal services in Indonesia and surrounding regions. Clients and users around the globe, who do not understand Indonesia laws and policies, and how to do business effectively in Indonesia, appreciated it.

The focus of the renewed content of this site is no longer on publication of laws and regulations prevailing in Indonesia, but more in how the new or existing laws and policies, and also court decisions, may affect the public and private sectors. After being hit in the past by several economic crises in 1998 and 2018, we see that a lot of economic or business activities are initiated, performed, or supported by the Indonesian Government. In a vast number of infrastructure projects, being the focus of the existing Government’s programs, the public-private partnership scheme is used, which is in fact one of the special focuses and expertise of LGS practices. LGSOL will also give updates on present developments in politics, public debates, major law or policy changes, and issues in law enforcement that might have to be considered by new investors, and how LGS would advise its clients in maneuvering windfalls and trends, and in taking a position to legally protect their commercial interests.

For new players, whether in the business sector or law firms in particular, in Indonesia or abroad, LGSOL will update important memoranda, court decision reviews and analysis, forms and sample agreements that are prepared using the database and experience of LGS and its partners for more than 40 years.

LGSOL is eager to accompany and support you in any fashion we can to see that your business interests are protected by LGS directly or through the services of LGSOL.

1 May 2019