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Government Starts Export Ban Threshold Discussion
Last modified on: 2013-08-12T11:18:23Z

DBS Drops $6.5 Billion Bid to Danamon Indonesia Stake
Last modified on: 2013-08-01T10:56:30Z

How GlaxoSmithKline missed red flags in China
Last modified on: 2013-07-23T11:27:59Z

Marubeni to Build $2b Power Plant
Last modified on: 2013-07-19T11:56:46Z

Marubeni to Build $2b Power Plant
Last modified on: 2013-07-19T11:56:40Z

PLN to expand power capacity as electricity demand increases
Last modified on: 2013-06-18T04:50:23Z

IPOs on Schedule Despite Bearish Market
Last modified on: 2013-06-17T11:15:06Z

BI Hikes Rate 25 Basis Points To 6%
Last modified on: 2013-06-17T10:05:05Z

Indonesia approves cheap, green car tax incentives
Last modified on: 2013-06-10T10:11:00Z

Indonesia growth slows to 6 percent in 1Q
Last modified on: 2013-05-07T02:55:18Z

Pertamina Seals Offshore North West Java Deal
State energy company is seeking to develop its upstream operations
Last modified on: 2013-05-06T11:00:29Z


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