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Message from the Board

March 2009

While almost all parts of the world are battling to apply bankruptcy proceeding as a means to reduce tension caused by the global economic crisis, or bailing out those that could be saved, we in Indonesia are entering into a festival to celebrate democracy in the second direct general election of Indonesian parliament in April and Presidency and Vice Presidency in July. Yes, indeed it is a festival as we see that in all streets, open spaces, media and anything that could be used are full with banners, campaign statements and pictures of candidates. Sadly, we are also entering into economic crisis that we do not know how far it would affect us. The reports say that more than 200,000 workforces have been laid off. The number is still counting. It must be an indication that economy is going badly, and job creation needs to be made available by big government-sponsored projects.

Several clients tend to wait-and-see, but a few of them think that a pro-active effort shall be initiated. Some attempts to open negotiation with banks, suppliers, labor unions, and business partners. A very few lodges litigation or arbitration initiatives when negotiation gets sour. As a corporate law firm we advise clients to get prepared for this new development. Contracts review is a must, and new bargaining position shall be established. Renegotiation is of course the first option, as everybody is well aware that litigating before Indonesian courts of justice that are famous to be unclean would only end up with all the disputing parties losing.

For new clients or transactions, we take extra care to prepare transactions in anticipation that it may be defaulted by party or parties to the transactions, and bearing in mind that it will have to be settled in a more better and fair jurisdiction and dispute settlement mechanism.

LGSONLINE is now being reorganized and redesigned in a direction to achieve the purposes of becoming an online law firm that provides such integrated services no one has ever imagined before. It will dramatically change the way legal services are provided. We have initiated it for more than the last five years. We had difficulties in making it effective as not all clients and public users are internet literate at that time. Now with everybody has easy access to reasonably cheap internet technology, we are confident that our database will be beneficial to every aspects of our clients’ operations. The reorganization and redesign of our site will include new engine and servers, new design, massively updated database on laws and regulations, forms and agreements, litigation reports and others. The secured online payment systems will also be available, so a lot of administrative work could be avoided. The beauty of this new service is that clients could always communicate with our partners and lawyers, face to face, or through emails, discussion rooms, or blackberry communications that we attend round the clock.

We are investing quite considerably our time, efforts, money and people to make it happen. When it is done, that we expect it will be partly in June and the rest of it in December 2009, we will inform, train and make it useful for your needs of legal online services.

We wish you all the best.


Arief Surowidjojo

[Last update: 2009-03-13 12:50:06]

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