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Official Tally From Legislative Polls Announced Ahead of Deadline

 Indonesia’s longtime opposition was declared the official winner of last month’s legislative election, as polling officials finalized the vote count with just minutes to go before the deadline of midnight on Friday.

The official tally didn’t differ much from the quick counts issued by the various pollsters hours after voting ended on April 9, with the General Elections Commission putting the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, or PDI-P, ahead with 18.95 percent, or 23.68 million out of the 124.97 million valid ballots cast.

The Golkar Party was next with 14.75 percent (18.43 million), followed by the Great Indonesia Movement Party, or Gerindra, with 11.81 percent (14.76 million) and the Democratic Party with 10.19 percent (12.73 million).

Of the 12 parties that contested the election, two – the Crescent Star Party, or PBB, and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party, or PKPI – failed to get the minimum 3.5 percent required to win a seat at the House of Representatives. The PBB got 1.46 percent, and the PKPI 0.91 percent.

The official results in full are as follows, with the number of votes won in parentheses:

PDI-P: 18.95 percent (23,681,471)

Golkar: 14.75 percent (18,432,312)

Gerindra: 11.81 percent (14,760,371)

Democrat: 10.19 percent (12,728,913)

National Awakening Party (PKB): 9.04 percent (11,298,957)

National Mandate Party (PAN): 7.59 percent (9.481.621)

Prosperous Justice Party (PKS): 6.79 percent (8,480,204)

National Democrat Party (NasDem): 6.72 percent (8,402,812)

United Development Party (PPP): 6.53 percent (8,157,488)

People’s Conscience Party (Hanura): 5.26 percent (6,579,498)

PBB: 1.46 percent (1,825,750)

PKPI: 0.91 percent (1,143,094)



[Last update: 2014-05-19 05:31:49]

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