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Message from the Board

Oktober 2017

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Dear LGS clients and friends,    

The global legal industry has been affected by many "forecasted" changes around the globe. International, regional, and national politics have shifted, influential leaders have come and gone, new technology have been tested and applied, natural resources have diminished, been found or replaced, and the very concept of law, justice, governance, and democracy have seen recent reinvention. The topic “de jour” in the global community is about technological disruption, caused by the Internet of Things, as it changes existing systems, values, behavior, wealth, and soon the fate of every human being in every part of the planet, sooner than we have ever predicted. 

Indonesia is no exception. We are now the world 4th largest population, and also presumably the 3rd biggest democratic society. With economic growth of more than 5.2% this year, one digit inflation, positive economic outlook, strong fiscal policy, private consumption growth, slight increases in foreign investment, raising of the Investment Grade, and improvement of commodity prices, many analysts strongly believe that Indonesia is in a much better position to recover, survive, and grow than any other countries with similar backgrounds. Such a positive outlook is remarkable when corruption is still high, politics and government policies are still uncertain, and management of the current account deficit is still worrying, but optimism nevertheless remains high.

"Such an optimistic outlook for Indonesia, though it may be justified based on sheer market size, must also be finely tuned to the Jokowi’s political struggles and maneuvers. 

It must be observed that political alignments of the day are apt to change, even while Jokowi and his administration must expend political capital to, among others: maintain a good rapport with, as well as to maintain reform pushes on, the military; continue ambitious infrastructure projects; provide assurances and comfort to foreign investors; maintain the bureaucratic reform process; and galvanize necessary support for the Anti Corruption Commission.

Last but not least, it is vital for Jokowi to honor the faith of the average Indonesian voter, as when it comes down to it, they, and not political parties, will be the ones that could be relied on to support him and his administration.”

In an environment with so many moving pieces, the Indonesian legal industry needs to improve and refine its strategies. Understanding better domestic issues, considering what happens in the global context, and carefully giving advice to clients, domestic or foreign clients, on how to keep doing business in Indonesia under the most effective legal protection, will be key to such strategies.

The present and coming technology disruptions force the legal industry to adapt quickly. Lawyers need to: (a) be well-informed on what’s happening in politics, government policies, new laws, power struggles, and major legal issues affecting investment and economic activities, and inform clients with no delay; (b) create an information system that allow their clients to contact them, or to access information the clients need to enrich their decision-making process, (c) create an internal system on how to be on alert and with best efforts providing clients with important information they think based on their expertise are needed by clients, whether expected or not, (d) working in collaboration with clients as well as such clients’ supporting professionals, internal or independent, to quickly carry out risk identification, analysis, and mitigation processes.

We at LGSOnline are now in the process of developing similar systems for LGS law firm, so lawyers at LGS in the near future will be able to work with agility and in a collaborative manner in serving LGS’ clients in a much-improved fashion. We will also be updating our news, information, boilerplate document, and communication systems so we and LGS will be more useful tools and advisers in growing together with LGS clients and our friends and communities.


Chairman of the Board

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