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2013 PPP Book Launched by Bappenas with 27 Focused Projects

The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) has published the 2013 Public Private Partnership (PPP) book on 15 November 2013 (“PPP Book”). The PPP Book contains a list of 27 PPP projects currently being offered by the Indonesian government. The projects constitute a shorter, more focused, list compared with prior years, placing emphasis on high priority projects and focusing on ensuring successful implementation. However, the 27 projects do span a wide range in terms of size, location, and stage of completeness.

The PPP Book is available in English and contains details of the 27 projects on offer, it also contains an overview of the Indonesian PPP regulatory framework, the history of past PPP projects, and the various criteria, with the intent of serving as a primer on the available investment opportunities and PPP in Indonesia.

As of the PPP Book issued in 2013 there have been 21 tendered projects, and there are 0 projects that are ready to be offered, 14 prospective projects, and 13 potential projects. Prospective projects (previously called priority projects) are those that are further along to being tendered, while potential projects are at an earlier stage of completeness.

Ready to be Offered
Defined as:
Prospective Projects
Defined as:
Consist of:
  1. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Manggarai Railway
  2. Integrated Terminal of Gedebage (Railway), Bandung, West Java
  3. Revitalization of Yogyakarta Rail Station & Pedestrianization of Malioboro, DI Yogyakarta
  4. Consolidated Urban Development, Banda Aceh, Aceh
  5. Strategic Infrastucture and Regional Development of Sunda Strait
  6. Manado - Bitung Toll Road, North Sulawesi
  7. Tanjung Priok Acces Toll Road, DKI Jakarta
  8. Balikpapan - Samarinda Toll Road, East Kalimantan
  9. Kayu Agung – Palembang – Betung Toll Road, South Sumatera
  10. Pondok Gede Water Supply, Bekasi, West Java
  11. Southern Bali Water Supply, Bali
  12. Solid Waste Treatment and Final Disposal - Bogor and Depok Area, West Java
  13. Solid Waste Treatment and Final Disposal - Surakarta, Central Java
  14. Karama Hydro Power Plant, West Sulawesi
Potential Projects
Defined as:
Consist of:
  1. Development of Maloy International Port, East Kalimantan
  2. Expansion of Tanjung Priok Port, Cilamaya, Karawang, West Java
  3. Expansion of Tanjung Sauh Terminal, Batam, Riau Island
  4. Development of New Bali Airport, Bali
  5. Kulonprogo International Airport, DI Yogyakarta
  6. Pulau Baai - Muara Enim Coal Railway
  7. Development of South Sumatera Monorail, South Sumatera
  8. Mass Rapid Transport Surabaya, East Java
  9. Bandung Monorail, West Java
  10. Cileunyi - Sumedang - Dawuan Toll Road, West Java
  11. Pandaan - Malang Toll Road, East Java
  12. Pasirkoja - Soreang Toll Road, West Java
  13. DKI Jakarta Sewage Treatment Plant
The 2013 PPP Book is available from: http://pkps.bappenas.go.id/index.php/en/berita/143-berita-internal/1151-the-national-development-planning-agency-bappenas-launch-the-public-private-partnership-ppp-book-2013

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