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Basuki Promises Corruption Crackdown

 Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has told city officials that he is branching out into financial advisory and drawing up new guidelines in an effort to lessen corruption among city representatives.

“If you urban ward and subdistrict chiefs need money, find me,” he said at a meeting at City Hall on Wednesday. “I will help, as long as you’re not stealing or corrupt.”

In addition to the offer of help, Basuki said City Hall would draft a new code of conduct for officials.

“When urban ward chiefs and subdistrict chiefs are inaugurated, they will sign the pact and agree to be fired if they work poorly,” he said. “We want to improve people’s welfare.”

He said that he would also cooperate with the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) and Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to monitor the wealth and income of subdistrict and urban ward chiefs.

“We will cooperate with the BPK and KPK to check where you go,” he said. “We can check where you shop with your son or your spouse.”

While officials would presume to know that drug use was grounds for dismissal, many might not have expected that the deputy governor viewed a parking infraction as a fireable offense.

“It also applies to neighborhood chiefs who park illegally or for free. We will fire them,” Basuki said. “If there’s a bureaucrat involved in drugs, we will fire them.”

The deputy governor then issued a cri de couer to local government officials to remember the greater good.

“You should be brave in your work,” he said. “Don’t get afraid of protests. Take me as the example: even if they protested a thousand times, I don’t care. I work and am not afraid of anyone. I’m afraid if I don’t work — because the brains, bellies and wallets of Jakarta residents should be full.”

Basuki sought to emphasize that corruption under his and Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo’s administration was on the wane.

“It’s common to want a yacht and other expensive possessions,” he said. “But we should not get them with corruption money.”

Basuki’s statement comes after Fanda Fadly Lubis, the urban ward chief of Ceger, was suspended after he was arrested by the East Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office on Sept. 11. He is alleged to have embezzled Rp 450 million from the urban ward budget.



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