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Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Kadin Indonesia is an organization of Indonesia employers engage in area of economy. Kadin Indonesia has the goals to foster and develop the skills, activities and interests of Indonesia employers. Kadin Indonesia was established on 24 September 1968.


Chairman of Kadin Indonesia
Suryo Bambang Sulisto

Mr. Suryo Bambang Sulisto was born on 11 February 1947 in solo, Central Java. He is the Founder of Satmarindo Group and also former President of the Indonesian Indigenous Businessman's Association ("HIPPI").  He is a Special representative of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the North, Central and South American Regions. He has been the President Commissioner of PT. Bumi Resources Tbk since 2001. Mr. Sulisto graduated from Washington International University (MBA), Pennsylvania, USA and University of Wisconsin (BSc), Wisconsin, USA. Now he serves as Chairman of Kadin Indonesia for period 2010-2015.


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