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Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition


The Commission for the supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) is an independent authority established to supervise the implementation of the Law concerning the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition. Independent from the influence and control of the Government and other parties, the KPPU’s duties includes drafting implementing regulations, conducting examinations of any party alleged to have violated law No. 5/1999, issuing binding decisions, and imposing legal sanction(s) on any violator of the law.

The KPPU reports directly to the President and the People’s Representative assembly (DPR). The KPPU that was inaugurated on June 7, 2000 consists of eleven members – including – a chairman and a vice-chairman – whose appointments have been made with the approval of the DPR, with a five-year term of office.


Chairman of KPPU

Tadjuddin Noer Said

Tadjuddin Noer Said began his career in the public sector in 1977 as an elected Member of the Regional House of Representatives (DPRD, Tingkat I) for the Province of South Sulawesi. In 1982, he was elected as a Member ofthe DPR of the Republic of Indonesia. In his 15-year career, until 1997, as a DPR member, he has been the Vice-Chairman of commission IV (Industry, Mining and Energy Sector). In addition, since 1979 he has been a Lecturer at Hasanuddin University, Makasar. Born in Makale, May 31, 1950, Tadjuddin earned a bachelor’s degree in ship engineering in 1975 and in mechanic-construction engineering in 1977.

Vice Chairman of KPPU
Yoyo Arifardhani

Yoyo was a lawyer in a law firm. Yoyo has finished Doctoral Course on Law Science in Padjajaran University ever since 2004. He got his Bachelor Degree from Airlangga University (1999) and Master Degree on International Business Law from The American University, Washington D. C (2001). On 17 January 2012 he was selected as vice chairman hairman of KPPU.


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