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Bank and Debt Restructuring

LGS is proud to underline the role it has played in the restructuring process of the Indonesian banks. Since the aftermath of the economic crisis, LGS has become one of the leading law firms involved in the rebuilding of the economy its role as the primary counsel to the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA). LGS has been actively involved in the process of suspension, take over and due diligence of the troubled banks. It has also played vital roles in the drafting of banking law amendments, Indonesian banks re-capitalization, settlement arrangements with the former owners, due diligence and negotiations in debt restructuring under IBRA supervision, as well as implementing other IBRA assignments.


LGS has represented Kerry Coal (Mauritius) Limited, Goldman Sachs (Asia) Finance, Citigroup Financial Products Inc., Vencap Holdings (1987) Pte Ltd, and Arindo FCM (Mauritius) Limited as the Indonesian counsel to the shareholders of Arianne Investments Mezzanine Pte Ltd and advising the clients in connection with the sale of their interest in the said investment companies, which is part of the restructuring of PT Adaro Indonesia group companies which also involved the Initial Public Offering of PT Adaro Energy Tbk (formerly PT Padang Karunia), whereby LGS advised the clients in the subscription of shares on the Initial Public Offering through allotment procedures.


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